Amazon Affiliate Websites

Why Amazon affiliate websites?

Promoting product sales for Amazon as an affiliate (or Associate as they call it), is one of the easy ways of earning money online. Amazon is the biggest retailer online (some say the biggest retailer, period) and they are very good at what they are doing. Sending potential buyers to an Amazon sales page is almost a sure sale.

Even during these harsh economic times, where small businesses and big retailers alike, suffer from decline in sales and revenues, Amazon is getting bigger and their monthly earnings keep increasing. It gotten to a point where Amazon is now moving in on the local scene with next day and same day delivery.

Amazon has an excellent reputation among customers and a very high trust factor. So much so that people are willing to pay more and buy from Amazon.

Why do most Amazon affiliate websites fail?

Many affiliates, in their rush for easy money, employ automation tools for creating their affiliate websites. What they are, most of the times, ending with is either a store like site or an obvious promotion site. In either case, those sites offer no additional information to visitors (potential buyers) beyond what they can find on the Amazon website (most of the time it’s a poor replication of the information they can find on the Amazon website).

Do you think a website which competes with Amazon will succeed? I think not…

For an affiliate website to be successful, it needs to meet the potential buyer at the point they have made the decision to buy and are just looking for confirmation to their decision. Such confirmation can be in the form of a good review, a comparison of products or prices or even just quality information on the topic they are interested at.

What makes a good Amazon affiliate website?

If you want potential buyers to click your affiliate link, you need to make them feel comfortable doing so. You need to build a relationship with them, get them to know, like and trust you to a certain degree. Here are a few things you can do to facilitate the connection with potential buyers:

  • Make your site visually appealing yet not too flashy. You want them to feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Provide quality content on the topic, or related subjects. Impress them with your knowledge :)
  • Post good reviews which actually reveal something about the product. Touch on it’s bad qualities to show you are real and impartial. Always finish in a positive tone, reinforcing their buying decision.
  • Always include contact information and a way for them to leave feedback. People do not trust an anonymous website.
  • Display a clear call to action – after you have given them value. Don’t shove it in their faces.

How do we construct our websites?

The Amazon affiliate websites we offer are all build according to the criteria above. They all have:

  • High quality, eye pleasing premium themes, designed to effectively present information to visitors.
  • We include a handful of effective free plugins to enhance website functionality while not overloading it.
  • We include advanced premium plugins to help create some of the content (comparison and top 10 tables) visitors are going to love. Other plugins are designed to get the visitor to click through to the Amazon website even if they have not decided to buy yet.
  • We include lots of images (and some times even videos), all of which are royalty free. We put a lot of time into image selection and editing to make the website pleasing to the eye.