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Here is a sample for sending out to your list – use it as the basis for your email. Edit it to make it your own.

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[Amazon Affiliates] Turn key solutions
[Amazon Marketers] Done for you package
We build them for you…

Suggested email body:


My friend Ely Shemer has been perfecting his skills
building WordPress based websites for several years
and today he is doing it for you.

Amazon is the biggest retailer online (some even say
the biggest retailer, on and off line) and they are good
at what they do.

Ely builds Amazon affiliate websites and he is good at
what he does. His websites are different than most other
websites you may see out there and are the result of
careful planing and construction. Ely uses the best themes,
plugins and content to make his websites the best there is.

Ely has not opened this to the public yet but has allowed
me to let you place a preliminary order and grab your place
at the front of the line!

If you are among the first people to place a preliminary order
you will get a 10% discount – use the coupon code: “presale”
before you order.

Ely offer 6 levels of packages – one of them is right for you!

Check out what he has to offer:


and then go here to get your website while they last:

The Packages

See you at the top!
[your name]

P.S. Don’t wait too long for these! Ely is limiting quantities
to keep them fresh and unique. Get your site today!

The Packages


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750 x 300

750x300 Blue Easy Reviw Theme

750x300 Blue Advice Review Theme

750 x 300 Blue Elite Reviw Theme

750 x 300 Green Easy Review Theme

750 x 300 Green Advice Review Theme

750 x 300 Green Elite Review Theme

300 x 250

300 x 250 Blue

300 x 250 Green

240 x 400

240 x 400 Blue240 x 400 Green


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